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Acer micro channel aluminum flat tube

April 12,2023

Micro-channel aluminum flat tube (also known as "parallel flow aluminum flat tube") is a kind of thin wall porous flat tubular material using refined aluminum rod, through hot extrusion, after the surface spray zinc anticorrosion treatment, mainly used in various refrigerant air conditioning system, as the pipeline parts carrying new environmental protection refrigerant, using the new environmental protection system is the key material of the new generation of parallel flow micro-channel air conditioning heat exchanger.


The production process editor reports

1. Technical ability of mold design and processing:

It mainly includes the design and manufacturing technology of hot extrusion mould with extremely low extrusion breakthrough force and extremely high dimensional precision and special forming ability and strong wear-resisting performance. Full application of wear-resisting, heat-resisting and super-lubricating technology on the inner wall of the mold; Precise temperature control technology of single multi - extrusion die.

2. Technical capability of extrusion process control:

Mainly including extrusion machine cylinder constant temperature heating, constant speed extrusion technology; Gradient heating technology of casting rod; Porous micro-ultra-thin wall balanced extrusion, heat energy elimination and keep all links without product deformation factors and product defects technology; Single unit multi - product winding device and synchronization control technology.

3. Comprehensive use of debugging ability

It mainly includes the ability to select, transform, debug and combine all kinds of equipment according to the production requirements of products; On-line zinc spraying and control technology; On-line detection, defect marking and control feedback technology for solder roller coating; Product unwrapping, finishing, straightening and no chip cutting technology.

4. Ability to adapt and react quickly

It is mainly manifested in the ability to find out the root cause of all kinds of problems in the production process in time and find out the solution and rapid response mechanism.


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