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The difference and usage between 1060 h112 aluminum tube and 3003 aluminum tube

Publish Time: 2023-02-27 Views: 15


1060 aluminum tube in coil , which is called pure aluminum coil aluminum content is higher about 99.6% of the finished product, which contains a small amount of silicon, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and other trace elements, resulting in its plasticity is very high, easy to bend by hand, two of which its conductivity is also high, heat conduction, electricity, aluminum, air conditioning refrigeration heating, compressor and other product applications, Because aluminum other metals in the air and natural environment is a little better and easy to bend and weld, is also usually used for automotive oil pipe, precision instrument accessories and so on;

3003 aluminum tube in coil , is a light alloy inside aluminum alloy, aluminum content accounts for about 98.5%, it only 1 series of aluminum products in the trace elements a little higher, including its toughness to 1 series to a little higher, its plasticity is OK; 3003 coil to 1 series of products, in the farming and animal husbandry industry is more popular, most of the heating pipes used in seawater farming, 3003 aluminum alloy pipe, it is more suitable in performance and price convenience.

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