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2023 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition opened in July

Publish Time: 2023-06-25 Views: 26

Shanghai, June 21, 2023 - In 2023, the 18th China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 5 to 7. At that time, eight industry forums, two special areas, and business matchmaking will be presented in turn, and many aspects are worth looking forward to.

Hunan Hengjia New Material Technology Co., LTD. Booth No. : N2-2F01 sincerely invite you to participate in 2023 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition


Industry forum was held to explore new trends in the development of the industry

This year, a number of professional forums will be held on site, not only involving topics in the aluminum industry, but also involving a number of aluminum application topics, reflecting the professionalism, diversity and industry influence of the exhibition.

As the first process of aluminum alloy production, melting casting is the key link of aluminum product quality control. In order to improve the quality of ingot and solve the bottleneck and common problems of industrial development, the "Aluminum Alloy Melting and Casting Technology Development Forum" will be held during the China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition. Recycled aluminum as an effective way to solve the shortage of primary aluminum supply, the application field continues to expand, "the third China recycled aluminum industry chain integration Development Forum" will invite industry experts, on-site and industry colleagues to discuss the new application of recycled aluminum.

At the same time, this year's organizers will continue to dig into new trends, new technologies and new products in application industries such as automotive, packaging, consumer electronics and intelligent manufacturing, focusing on industry development hotspots and carrying out intelligent collisions." The 4th Automotive Lightweight Process Technology and Related Materials Innovation Application Forum - New Energy Vehicle Special Forum will invite the head vehicle and parts enterprises to share the innovative technology and solutions for automotive aluminum, from integrated die casting to heat treatment free, to thermoforming, experts will conduct in-depth discussions on automotive lightweight materials, processes, technologies, etc. Or provide certain thinking for the future development direction and demand changes of automotive lightweight;"


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