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1100 H112 aluminum micro channel tube

Publish Time: 2023-02-27 Views: 38

Micro-channel aluminum flat tube (also known as "parallel flow aluminum flat tube") is a kind of thin wall porous flat tubular material using refined aluminum rod, through hot extrusion, after the surface spray zinc anticorrosion treatment, mainly used in various refrigerant air conditioning system, as the pipeline parts carrying new environmental protection refrigerant, using the new environmental protection system is the key material of the new generation of parallel flow micro-channel air conditioning heat exchanger.


key technology

Due to the high technical content of microchannel aluminum tube, the production is very difficult, the minimum width is 12mm, the thickness is only 1mm, but there are 12-16 holes. Its difficulties are mainly reflected in the following six aspects:

1. Super extrusion ratio

Extrusion ratio refers to the ratio between the section area of the material before hot extrusion and the section area after extrusion, which is generally 8 ~ 50 times, while the section area of the microchannel aluminum tube is only about 4px2, and the extrusion ratio is more than 400 times, which is more than 8 times of the ultimate aluminum extrusion process.

2. Ultra-high dimensional accuracy

The dimensional accuracy of microchannel aluminum tube is much higher than the national standard of "Hot Extrusion Tube for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Research". According to the national standard, the size deviation of the typical width of 16mm is ±0.3mm, while the width deviation of the micro-channel aluminum tube is ±0.03mm, and the requirement is high even need to be increased to ±0.01 ~ ±0.02mm.

3. Air tightness

A set of micro channel heat exchanger has about 50 ~ 150 micro channel aluminum tubes, as long as one air tightness defects (such as pores, inclusions, etc.), the whole air conditioner will be scrapped, so the quality standard to PPM (1 million pieces), measuring standard is below 15PPM.

4. High quality bar

The minimum wall thickness of the microchannel aluminum tube is only 0.13mm. If the purity and hydrogen content of the casting rod material do not meet the requirements, as long as there is a very small porosity or inclusion, the thin wall of the microchannel aluminum tube will leak, so it is necessary to use high purity refining rod, hydrogen content ≤0.09%.

5. Surface zinc spraying technology

Because there is refrigerant medium in the microchannel aluminum tube and atmospheric corrosion outside, it is easy to leak due to point corrosion. A thin layer of zinc must be sprayed on the outer surface to protect the tube wall from corrosion. So far, there are no qualified manufacturers of zinc spraying equipment in China, and only a few manufacturers in the world can provide it.

6. Online flaw detection and detection technology

As microchannel aluminum tube technology is difficult and difficult, how to use scientific and effective online inspection, surface quality and other detection means in the production process to detect (label) defective products in time is very key to the quality control of microchannel aluminum tube.


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