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3105 aluminum coil

Specification Range

3105 aluminum coil has good formability, corrosion resistance and weldability. 3105 aluminum coil is a 3 series aluminum magnesium manganese alloy aluminum plate, which is widely used in coating aluminum coil, roof panel, lamp holder, shutter, parking booth, building curtain wall and other aspects.


Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Hengjia
Model Number:3105
application fieldAluminum base material for color coating, cake tray, candle holder, lamp holder, blinds, wine bottle caps, tea cans
Minimum Order Quantity:50KG
Packaging Details:standard export packing
Delivery Time:7-15 days
Payment Terms:TT/LC
Supply Ability:5000 ton/ month
Technical standard
Aluminum alloyTemperThicknesswidthlengthApplication
5754 Aluminum coilF,O,H111,H12,H14,H16,H18,H22,H24,H26,H28,H32,H34,H36,H380.2-8100-2650C·                                         Aluminum base material for color coating, lamp holder material, tea can,                                        Blinds, wine caps, cake trays                                        · 


Application fields

3105 aluminum coil is widely used in coating aluminum coil, roof panel, lamp cap material, shutter, parking booth, building curtain wall, cake tray, shutter, bottle cap material and other aspects.

How much is the price of 3105 aluminum roll

3105 aluminum plate and coil price = the average closing price of Changjiang Spot A00 aluminum ingot on the day of delivery + processing fee. Since the price of aluminum ingot fluctuates daily, the quotation will fluctuate.

3105 aluminum coil manufacturer - Hengjia Aluminum

Hengjia Aluminum is a research, processing, manufacturing as one of the large modern aluminum processing enterprises. The company can produce 1-8 series aluminum plate with foil products, complete specifications, to meet your diverse processing needs.



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